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The HR Advantage Of Pre-empoyment screening:
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Human Resource Advantage (HRA) is a consumer-reporting agency, . .

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Human Resource Advantage

HRA's Commitment

1. Customer focused.
2. Competitive pricing.
3. No set-up fees.
4. Fast turnaround time (generally 24-72 hours).
5. Accurate, professional reports.
6. Access to nationwide databases.
7. Fast and convenient ordering.
8. Experienced staff.

The HR Advantage of Pre-employment screening:

  • Reduces risk of negligent hiring.
  • Ensures a safe work environment.
  • Minimizes employee theft and fraud.
  • Exposes misrepresentations.
  • Insight into past behavior.
  • Preserves the integrity and image of your company.
  • Reduces training costs.
  • Decreases turnover.
  • Increases productivity.
  • Improves cost and time effectiveness.